Saturday, April 27, 2002

Poking my head into blogland on my lunch break. Thanks to my buddy dong_resin's MeTa endorsement several of the MeTaFiesta folk have asked me for CD's. If you are among them, just send an email to the address in the sidebar with your snailmail included and I'll eventually get you a copy of the same mix I sent Senor Resin.

And BTW, of all the camera-totin' folk only 10sball has posted his pics. I know evanizer's got a page cookin', but what's up with the rest of y'all?
I am at war with my shower curtain.

You see the bathroom in our apartment is right across the hall from the computer room and about a week ago the curtain rod fell to the floor with a mighty crash. I went over and put it back up. Now it seems to fall about once every hour or so, no matter how deftly I reset it. Lisa says she loves hearing me grumble "goddamit" and stomp off to the bathroom.

I suppose that I could just buy a new shower curtain and rod, but that would be giving up too easy.

And yes it does spook me that I'm concerned about something this domestic. If I start wearing Bermuda shorts and telling small children to "Go ask you're mother, dammit!" then assume I have become my father and call a deprogrammer.

Friday, April 26, 2002

I know I've got too many pics here, but this one from the Mefi party on the Bowery was too good not to include. Take webgeeks, add alcohol-instant party.

From right to left that's cowboysally,joemaller,witchstone and yours truly.
pic via 10sball.
Just got home from the NYC meet. What a great time. This morning my head was pounding, though. For the rest of the say I tooled around Manhattan. I got a steak sandwich at Chelsea Commons. I almost didn't get there cause I couldn't remember where it was exactly. So I wandered up and down 8th avenue for about an hour and was ready to give up when I saw a shrink-wrapped stack of phone books on the doorstep of an apartment building. I sliced it open looked up the address and tooled over to 10th and 24th for some vittles. I'm so goddamned resourceful.

Then I hit the Lower East Side, my old stomping grounds from my New York days. I stopped at St. Mark's Bookshop and picked up an issue of the 'zine Found which is excellent and worth a look. Then I went to Kim's Music and finally found a CD by the Plastic People of the Universe that I'd been looking for for years.

Then as I was crossing 5th street, one of those itty-bitty British cars(the nameplate said "Cooper") almost ran me down. When I finally did get across, on the other corner was guy walking his Chihuahua puppy. Weird-ass juxtaposition.

Then, finally as I'm entering Grand Central, this Asian woman in a "Jews for Jesus" t-shirt thrust a flyer at me. As I whizzed by attempting to avoid eye contact, she bellowed "Jesus loves you! Jesus died for your sins!" OK, I appreciate that, lady, but take a pill, please.

I love New York.

I'm blogging from Rob's* place on 25th street, recovering from the MeTaFiesta last night. My head is killing me, but is was worth it for the good time. I have a bag fulla schwag as well:a new t-shirt(thanks Cam) and a wooden pancake(thanks Ev).
I'm looking around my buddy's apartment and not only does he own a Chia Mr.T but he also has some Oxi-Clean. He's gotta stop watching late night tv drunk.
I shall spend today trooping around Manhattan, I'll probably hit St.Marks Comics and House of Oldies.

*He is real. You must believe

Wednesday, April 24, 2002

Rock critic Dave Marsh(one of my personal heros), once wrote that "Quarter to Three" by Gary U.S. Bonds is one of those rare songs that sounds exactly the same no matter what kind of stereo you play it on. I just fired up the song in mp3 format and am happy to report that it still sounds the same in cyberland.That is to say, it sounds like all his records, like it was recorded at about midnight at an incredibly raucous backyard party attended by exuberant drunken loons....and therein lies its magic. They accomplished that sound, I read, by getting about a dozen kids to come into the studio and clap and shout their heads off. It worked dammit. This is one of the ultimate pure rock and roll songs, if you don't like then you're a communist.

Now repeat after me :
Dont you know that I danced/I danced till a Quarter to Three...
Driving home tonight, the opening chords of "Photograph" on the radio reminded me that I had to burn riffola's CD. Rest assured, Brotha Riff, it has been commited to disc, and my man, put on your mullet wig and get out a tennis racket for air guitar cos this mofo rocks!!

In other news, I'm stoked for NYC tommorrow. Should be a good turnout this time and there seems to be higher proportion of women in the room, so there'll be no "babeage" shortage. Anyways, gang rest assured I shall be there with bells on.

There was also my last customer of the day today, who smelled of cigars dipped in bourbon and rolled in catshit and bombarded me with questions for an hour.

Fat, drunk, smelly and stupid is no way to go through life, sir.

Tuesday, April 23, 2002

Evan and Matt's little debate out beer a few threads down got me thinking. When It comes to beer, I always either buy high-toned suds like La Fin Du Monde and Chimay or I'm guzzling cheap swill like PBR or Schaefer(which I'm swilling right now).

Same goes for music, either I'm listening to Miles Davis and The Who or it's The Shangri La's greatest hits followed by the Edison Lighthouse.

I seem to avoid the middlebrow like the plague, which is odd considering my background is painfully middle-class and I hold an extremely average job. Perhaps familiarity breeds contempt, who knows?
Aaah, my beloved House of Blue Light is back up. I was starting to worry about seizures for a while.

Last night, Lisa walked into my computer room and said, "Where's the blue screen?"

"T1's down,"
"Awww, you're separated from your tribe, how sad.."

Ironically, a couple nights ago she said to me "What would you do without Metafilter?"

I thought for a moment, then answered "All my ideas and theories, I'd probably tell them to you"

She looked me dead in the face, "What's that Matt guy's address, I wanna send him flowers."

Quality web community, and it helps your relationship, too.

I've spent most of my life avoiding eating nuts of any kind. I didn't like 'em for some reason as a kid and found no reason to change as an adult. I went in to watch TV with Lisa a few minutes ago, and there was a can of Planter's Honey Roasted Mixed Nuts on the table.
"What's with the nuts?" I asked.
"There good," she said "Try 'em"
I hemmed and hawed but then I said what the hell and popped a peanut in my mouth. It was delicious!! They all were, the pecans especially. I feel like I've cheated myself out of 30 years of nut-eating. Dammit, I gotta make up for lost time and buy a bag of nuts a day for a while.

I had a similar experience with sauerkraut a few years back and now I can't get enough of the smelly stuff. Who knows what else I hated as a kid that's actually delicious? Mushrooms? Beets? The mind boggles. Why didn't one of you people tell me about this sooner, dammit?!

Monday, April 22, 2002

Still no Metafilter, so I'm just gonna babble away here for a while.

It was a long day of the usual bullshit down at the PC plantation, so imagine my delight when I came home and saw that Lisa had a steaming kettle of Tuna Helper on the stovetop. Now to some of you this may sound like a homely, humble repast..but you are wrong my freinds.

You see working long hours for meager pay has made me something of a connissuer of garbage food, and Tuna Helper is the epitome of cheap filling cuisine, not to mention it's endlessly adaptable.

So as soon as I'm changed outta my work uniform, I fill a bowl with the Helper, stir in some Heinz horseradish, throw some Mexican Blend Cheese Shreds on top, and dammit, I gots me a feast, brother.The proper accompaniment for this meal is Ballantine XXX Ale because it's the only alcoholic beverage in the house. Although my six-pack seems to be missing the rebus puzzles on the bottlecap, which is extremely troubling, since after the 'Filter the caps are my main source of intellectual stimulation. I should ask for a refund.

But enough griping, there's more wonderful info about the Helper here, a fitting birthday wish to a deserving foodstuff.
The 'filter has been down all day. I may need some medication if this keeps up.
On the plus side I'm pretty psyched about the MeFi meet in NYC on thursday. It looks like a lot of the folks from last time are gonna be there, plus some new folks. And there'll be beer. Unfortunately, my buddy unclefes can't be there in person but he says he'll check in by phone. Rob the EMT won't be able to make the festivites cos he has an exam in the morning, but I'll get to hang out with him afterwards, so that'll be neat.

In other news, we had our first Super Sunday at The Marcus Dairy yesterday. I could see the bikes in the lot from I-84, all that chrome nearly blinded me. It's a beautiful sight, all the faithful genuflecting at the altar of internal combustion. I even saw a lady at the corner gas station wearing a "Support Your Local Hells Angels" t-shirt. Right on, sister.

Sunday, April 21, 2002

While researching that Jackie Earle Haley entry I came across this glorious tribute to the world's greatest footwear, the hightop Chuck Taylor Converse All-Star. has truckloads of history and lore a complete guide to Chucks in Film and a comprehensive guide to Rockers in Chucks.

So y'all can keep your Nike Air Klingons with genuine plutonium insoles hand-sewn by 3-eyed Teutonic Dwarves, I'll stick with the Canvas Cadillac. It was good enough for Cleveland Brown Marion Motley, it's good enough for me.

A while back in Spin I read an article(it's not online, don't bother looking) on Jackie Earle Haley, legendary teenage star of the 1970's. You may not immediately recall the name, but if you were a kid or a teenager in the late 70's and early eighties, the man is of extreme importance.

He played Kelly Leak, the motorcycle-riding delinquent in the Bad News Bears flicks, setting the mold for a generation of wanna-be hooligans. He also co starred as "Moochie" in the classic Breaking Away. He was also the last of dying breed in that he was a popular teen actor who was not only not teen-idol handsome, but was downright funny looking. A synopsis of his best work is available here

Sadly, after his early success, Haley had some troubles with booze and drugs in the 80's and 90's. He's since cleaned up his act and now works at his own production company..For a better recent photo click here and scroll down.

This is why I love the internet, pop-culture fetishism honed to a science.

Since free streaming has ended at we can no longer listen to the Mets game over the 'net at work. So instead we're reloading the java console of the stats every 5 minutes to get the play by play. I think we need a new verb to describe what we're doing here.

As of right now, the Expos are ahead of my boys 2 to 1. I said it earlier in the season, we've got a ton of talent on this team, but we'll still manage to mess it up somehow.

*that's a Mets hat with Hebrew lettering. I found it when I Image-Googled "New York Mets". I think it's pretty spiffy.

As promised, above is the infamous mullet photo. Feel free to mock away, as I don't know what I was thinking either. The '80's were a strange time is all I gotta say.
This BlogAmp(site is in Portugese, either Babelfish it or get a hold of Miguel) doohickey that I read about over at Matt's sounds like just the thing for a music junkie compulsive blogger like myself. Unfortunately, as of right now it's incompatible with Blogspot hosting and with my luck the server would chew the code.
If the translation is corrrect they are working on a remotely hosted version, so maybe soon.