Saturday, April 06, 2002

Today just seemed to giving me fast food for thought. Right after the Zappa car disappeared, I came upon a beautiful black late '60's vintage Pontiac GTO Judge, lovingly restored. Muscle cars are a glorious thing to behold. With the coming of spring here in Connecticut, the old GTO's and Harleys are showing up on the street more and more. Soon Super Sundays at the Marcus Dairy will beginning again, where every biker and gearhead in the area brings their machine up to the big lot behind the dairy near my store, to swap parts, show off and hang out. The vehicles are truly amazing to see and sometimes they spill over into our store, where it's a treat to hear the pistonheads wax rhapsodic about GeForce video cards and RDRAM. Actually, it's occured to me that a lot of the hackers and tech nuts I know are the same type of guys who, a generation ago would've been rebuilding vintage 'Vettes in the garage. You could draw many parallels between the Linux subculture and the cult of Harley, but that's for another day.

When I got to work, my boss had something to show us. Apparently, while cleaning out his attic, he found a VG+ condition copy of the Superman vs. Muhammad Ali comic book. The concept alone sends this object over the top on the cool scale, but just to add to the fun, the cover features likenesses of celebrities from Jimmy Carter and Lucille Ball to Batman and Alfred E. Neuman watching the two titans duke it out in the ring. One of the guys looked up the value of the book at it's somewhere in the $90 range. We all just sat there and drooled over it. Some guys have all the luck.

On the home front, Lisa just bought bedsheets with little kittens all over them. I feel like Holling on that episode of Northern Exposure where Shelly redoes the entire apartment in pink and he suddenly finds himself unable to move his bowels. All I know is lying on those sheets makes my testosterone level drop like a stone. I'll keep you updated.

On the way to work today, the car in front of me bore a bumper sticker reading, "DON'T BLAME ME, I VOTED FOR ZAPPA." I had to restrain the urge to follow them home and give them a hug.

Actually, today was fulla blogfodder, there'll be more when I get home.

Friday, April 05, 2002

Deviantart is a site I found in my neverending hunt for cool Winamp skins(this is the most shameful of my several addictions). This site has all of that plus skins for other apps, wallpapers, icons, fonts, and even poetry and prose. Tutorials are available as well. The files are available free to everyone, but to join in the community-style commenting, free registration is required. Most of the stuff available combines creativity and functionality in just the right measure, IMHO. Definitely a site for those who see the computer as a tool(and canvas) for your creativity.

From the sublime to the ridiculous...(WARNING:GROSS).via Camworld

I'm spen't most of today answering questions on the order of "Which key is the any key?" So I won't talk about work. Instead I'll tell you about one of the few things I miss from my 2 year exile down in South Florida-Haulover Beach, the finest clothing-optional shore in Dade County. When I heard it was near us, I decided I had to go. We drove on down, and there they were, just as advertised, hundreds of naked people. I was home, huzzah. I immediately stripped down to join the party. Unfortunately, the sand was really hot so I put on my only footwear, black high-top Chuck Taylors. I must have been, quite a sight, walking my fishbelly-white New England Irish self up and down the beach in nothing but black tennis shoes, with a Marlboro dangling from my lips. No joke, people were literally thrusting tubes of sunscreen at me. Tough guy that I was, I waved them off.

BIG Mistake! I woke up the next morning looking as if I'd been boiled. I was also scheduled to take a 12-hour Greyhound ride, which, of course, was a new adventure in pain.
The moral of the story:If you're gonna run around naked, wear sunscreen.

Thursday, April 04, 2002

Today was full of all kinds of weird messages, perhaps full of cryptic meaning. First off, I read this entry over at Stavros' featuring one of the oddest Googlings I've ever seen.
Then as I'm tooling up the expressway to work, on the rock ledges along the side of the road, mixed in with all the other graffitti were the large words, "SPAGHETTI'S DEAD." That's what I mind involuntarily sung. As I got onto the rural route part of my commute, I passed an abandoned luncheonette with a placard outside proclaiming "God Commands All Sinners to Repent."

Heavens. Had I known I would've stopped in for a cup o' joe, sir.

On the plus side, I stopped for groceries on the way home and they were giving out these scratch-off contest doohickeys. I won a free chicken pot pie. Kinda makes it all worthwile.

Wednesday, April 03, 2002

On the way home today I stopped at a convienience store and bought a pack of Marlboros and a hippopotamus finger puppet.*

"Don't ask," I told the countergirl.
"I don't anymore" she says.
We started talking about the weird combinations of products people purchase. Her store, located on a rural route gets an alarming number of teenagers buying whipped cream and condoms, apparently.This reminded me of a story from early in my counter-manning career. About 8 years ago, I was working at a magazine store in New Haven, which had a fairly extensive porn section. One guy came in and(IANMTU**)purchased a copy of Juggs, a copy of Tail Ends, and a copy of Lips. "Ah, a Renaissance Man," I thought and then got a disturbing mental picture of this guy sitting at home with an X-Acto knife and tape trying to construct the perfect woman. *shudder*

Had a weird coincidence at work today too. A few weeks back on the 'Filter, I said that "Live Forever" by Billy Joe Shaver was the song I wanted to be buried to. I was trying to tune in KPIG online radio on one of the floor machines and kept getting server timeouts. On my fouth and final attempt, I finally heard music and what comes out-"Live Forever." Spooky.
KPIG by the way is a phenomenal station, if the response to the "Blind Boys of Alabama" thread is any indication, many mefite's will love it. It's marginal in it's home market(Santa Cruz, CA) but is doing great online. Check it out, it streams in Real, MP3, and Windows Media.

*It was an impulse gift for Lisa, if you must know. She likes finger puppets. *shrug*

** I Am Not Making This Up

Tuesday, April 02, 2002

Just went down to the local Borders and bought Spirit of the Century by the Blind Boys of Alabama.
Amazing record. A old-style blues/gospel record featuring both a Stones and a Tom Waits cover. This is a beautiful thing. Plus the vocalizing is truly stunning.
Also nice to see a new issue of Bust on the shelf, after their recent financial difficulties. The new print issue has a great interview with Lili Taylor, one of my favorite actresses. FWIW, I take a Bust gal over a Cosmo girl anyday of the week.

During a slack period at work yesterday I was surfing around and discovered that World, the National Geographic kiddie magazine is still active. My parents bought me a subscription for Xmas when I was 6 and I read it voraciously for 3 years. I remember the "Kids Did It" section with all these wildly amazing young people. I always came up with wild project ideas to try to get in there, but of course I never did anything.
I also recall that we always had People's Almanac and Book of Lists series around the house as well, which I also read to tatters. I remeber those tomes well. Short articles that made you wanna read more, cynical towards institutions, and able to give you just enough information to seem smarter than others. Actually, those books covered enough ground to give you a good enough background education so that you at least knew who, say...Audie Murphy was. In a lot of ways those volumes could be seen as predecessors to the web style of writing, or at least considering the age of the average blogger/web author, I wouldn't be surprised if a lot of them were Book of List nuts as well.
I had an interesting Easter with the family. Mom told me that she ran into the doctor who delivered me at a party and that he was there with his gay lover. She also told me that the priest who christened ny sister was ousted as a pedophile. Apparently, during my sister's baptism I was acting up so badly that the padre told my mom "Can't you control that child?" I suppose I should be grateful he didn't like me.

Monday, April 01, 2002

evanizer just blogged that he has to "go out to Queens to meet his girlfreind's" parents, who are "strict Catholics." I'm suspecting an huge APRIL FOOLS! later. Either that or between the MeFi/Kuro5hin prank/merger and ev's conversion, the world really has turned upside-down. I gotta shower and go to work, now. More blogging this evening.

Sunday, March 31, 2002

Finally caught my first showing of The Osbournes tonight. It's good to know that my childhood idolization of his Ozzness was not in vain.
Lisa watched Ozzy take out the trash and said, "If it's good enough for Ozzy, it's good enough for you, ya bum." Grrr.
Actually, it's very encouraging to know that my totem of teenage rebellion has to deal with the same shit I do. Not to mention, Ozzy's daughter, Kelly is kinda cute. As an added bonus, we got to see that Davey & Goliath Mountain Dew ad. I started doing Wayne's World-style "I'm not worthy's at the TV. This may be too much Gen-X nostalgia for one man to take.
Bizarre real life side note: Before watching Ozzy struggle with his pets on TV, I had to watch my father hold Smudge, one of their cats down while my mother administered antibiotics to it with a syringe. Perhaps Ozzy's too much like my parent's for my own comfort. Lisa also thought it was hilarious watching all the McNally clan hail the cat at once, trying to see who the cat liked best. The cat actually just looked around in sheer confusion until someone offered food.