Saturday, March 30, 2002

Tonight I went out back on the loading dock to have a cigarette and the girl from the next door was having one too. We started shooting the breeze and I said something like "You work in retail long enough, you'll see everything," to which she answered, "You're telling me, when I worked in the Waterbury store, I had this couple ask if the bed made a lotta noise when you screwed on it." To which I, of course replied, "I woulda said 'I dunno, give it a try and let's see..."

Special shout out to Matt over at Bottom Dwelling for the link with the hilarious title attribute. Right backatch, buddy.

Doing a late shift today. Just sitting here sipping my coffee, before I hit the showers. Tommorrow's Easter so me and Lisa will be going to my Mom's. I'm not too into religion, but between Passover and Easter, the holidays are certainly keeping my belly full over the past week or so.

Gaack! I just saw my reflection in the monitor, sleep seems to have given my hair that lovely Flock of Seagulls effect. Note to self:Never get a webcam, will destroy everyones image of you.

Last night I had my winamp player on "randomize" and it surprised me by playing "Better Things" by the Kinks. Great song. Ray Davies is everything Morrissey wishes he was.(you can quote me on that.)

Friday, March 29, 2002

I'm heating up a Swanson Mexican Fiesta Hungry-Man TV Dinner as I type this. Lisa says that since I, like so many others, am eating it front of my computer, they should be renamed "PC Dinners."
Someone call Swanson.
Blogging remotely from work tonight. Really quiet in here now, although I did sell a laptop to a nice gentleman who had been a helicopter pilot in Vietnam, earlier. I remember a few years back, an older gent with an accent came into the store and was all excited when he saw the Flight Simulator game on of the floor models. As we got to talking, it turns out he had been a fighter pilot in the Norwegian Air Force in WW2, I googled "Norwegian Air Force" and found a site, which I showed him, and it was a base he had once been stationed at. The most ordinary seeming people always seem to have interesting pasts.
I downloaded the video for Rancid's "Ruby Soho" last night. That song always makes me feel wistful, for some reason. I mean it has a great riff and a catchy chorus and all, but it somehow captures that strange feeling of loneliness that used to drive me out the door to the punk bars, book stores, and record stores in search of fellowship--or even just wanting to be a part of all the street life you see passing by you on a Saturday night. My days of "hanging out" like that seem to be behind me now, even though I'll occasionally catch up with someone from those days. We all seem to have become kinda domestic and middle-aged, and that's fine-it's someone else's turn to go wild in the streets now. But sometimes I still get nostalgic.

Thursday, March 28, 2002

Neal Stephenson once said that learning UNIX was a series of small epiphanies. Learning Web design is the same way, I've learned. I finally figured out how to put some links in over on the left-side table in the template, so I can send some hits to my MeFi pals.(To some of you figuring this out may seem simple, but I'm a little dense, bear with me). Actually at the rate I'm going this li'l ol site should be snazzy as hell by...oh about the time I'm collecting Social Security.
Lisa and her pal, Dawn are in the next room doing the Thelma and Louise thing, watching that chick show Leap of Faith. I'll let 'em have their fun.Dawn seems to like my leftover Caribbean Twist's at any rate.
In other news my Outlook Express was acting funny earlier. When I went to check my mail, it said "Failed to Authorize" or something. Upon further investigation my POP3 server had been changed to "". I changed it back and sent out test emails, so hopefully everythings fine now. A few minutes before that happened, I was AIM'ed by someone named "AwesomeDcool" who didn't wanna identify himself, so naturally i brushed him off. Pissed off Interloper? Some enemy from the 'Filter. I dunno. Weird though.
In other news, I'm returning to work tommorow. Kind of a bummer. But if I laid around the apartment any longer, I'd start to grow moss.
I just spilled a wee bit of beer and some splashed against my monitor. I wiped it up with the nearest absorbent object available, a dirty white tube sock. Foot odor and spilt beer, lovely bouquet.

Just thought you'd like to know.

Wednesday, March 27, 2002

Went to a Passover Seder at Lisa'a folks' house tonight so now I'm all fulla her mother's excellent chopped liver and matzo ball soup. Between two Jewish girlfreinds, I've sat shiva twice, been to 3 jewish weddings. 3 seders and I've mastered Yiddish cusswords. Oy, gevalt someone send me an honorary yarmulke before I plotz!
I made a little trip to the ghetto liquor store around the corner to replenish my beer and cigarrette stock. Got some of the lime flavor of this Caribbean Twist concoction and some St. Ides High Gravity Malt Liquor as a backup(it reminds me of my wastoid youth, OK?). I'm drinking the lime stuff and it basically tastes like Kool-Aid with a hard-on. But I'm a sucker for green food, so...

Tuesday, March 26, 2002

Insomniac Blogging tonight. I can't sleep, but that's not a big deal since I don't have to work tommorrow anyways. I googled some old freinds, to give you an idea of how bored I am. The Kid who used to live up the street from me is some kinda music biz bigwig living in Turkey with his opera singer wife. My college ex-girlfreind is still a shrink in Georgia married to my old buddy Jay from my college years. Jackie(a girl I had a mad crush on in high school) appears to be some kind of academic big-shot. she must be brilliant because I tried to read this paper of hers and I have no idea what the hell she's talking about.
Geez, and the crew over at the 'Filter wonder why I'm having a mid-life crisis.
On the plus side though there's always those guys I used to hang around with who I'd have to look thru Department of Corrections databases to find, so I suppose things could be worse.
Well, today was a good day of recovery and lassitude, tommorow I may actually summon the gumption to leave the apartment.

Monday, March 25, 2002

In recovery mode today, after my wild weekend in the city. I had the best steak sandwich of my life at the Chelsea Commons(scroll waay down), if you go there order it with bacon they're very generous with the toppings, I had damn near a full slab on top of my sandwich. Rob also had some Gueuze Lambic beer at his place, which I loved, but is definitely an acquired taste. He also had some Kentucky moonshine which he gave us.
The next morning we hustled back to the constitution state where we went to Lisa's cousin's wedding at this incredibly cooch-poochi-boomalini hotel in Stamford. I had to wear a suit, but the food was excellent and the bartenders were very generous and a woman at our table told me she thought I looked like Jason Sehorn.
Today though, I'm just gonna kick back a bit, maybe if I'm feeling especially jaunty, I'll go hang out at the bookstore and see if any of the usual crew is there, but first I'm gonna finish my coffee and cheese danish.

Sunday, March 24, 2002

Hello all, blogging remotely tonight from west 25th street in NYC. Please excuse any spelling errrors as I'm really fuckin' shit-faced right now. Me, Lisa , Rob and Randi spent the evening at Chelsea Commons, drinking ourselves stupid. I used to do this all the time. God, I miss those days. Anyways we've got a sixer of Bass Ale and a bag of Mini-Oreo's. I may hit posted by Jon at